Being Active in Your Child’s Acting Career

With the success of such films as “Harry Potter and “Chronicles of Narnia,” more and more children are asking their parents if they can be in the movies. Becoming a child actor or actress is not something to be taken with a grain of salt, and there is plenty for children and parents to learn.

As a parent, your first job is to make sure your daughter or son is happy and well-adjusted. You have most likely heard the horror stories of over-enthusiastic stage parents taking all of their child’s money, or even the bratty child star being a pain on the set. A photographer I know did some new photos of a child actor, to see click here. They were good friends, and would tell him the stories. While some parents and children don’t handle success well, the parents who are knowledgeable and never stop learning about the profession most likely will be successful.
The first thing you need to do is sit with your child and let her/him know that becoming an actor or actress is a dedication that could take years before they see any real results. There are hundreds of actors, but very few stars in entertainment.

Once it is clear your child know about this level of devotion, go ahead and get in touch with the local community theatre to see what shows are coming up and when the auditions will be. Community theatres are good opportunities to get children started in acting. You should also call your state film office to see where the nearest acting workshops are located and arrange a time to check out some classes.

Your child should have some theatre credits before trying to get in touch with a professional talent agent. Once this happens, search online for a reputable agency. When you come to an agency, you’ll need to send a picture and resume along with a short letter stating your child is looking for representation.