Acting Extras: What You Need to Know

There are many scams and cons that take advantage of folks who want to be acting extras. Most cons typically involve paying high fees to sign with an acting extra agency. These fees can be over $100 and generally entitle you to composites or head shots that are really useless and at worst misleading, or the guarantee of a series of acting classes which, in all honesty, are of no real value to you.

To avoid these traps, find a well-established honesty agency. There will be a one-time registration fee (typically $20 or a little more) paid at the initial visit. But after that they make money when you do. That’s what they are in business for. They’ll try to get you auditions that fit your skills and physical type. Especially if you have a gifted child in the first place, which was the case for a guy at gutter cleaning Atlanta that we know in the past. His child hit it big within a few months of landing an agency and got a role! If you have a specific skills or physical attributes, you might get paid a little extra.

As an acting extra, on -set behavior can have a huge effect on how much work you get. A good rule is to arrive early. If you are new, watch and learn from your colleagues with more experience. You might want to bring a novel due to the fact that you can be on a set with hours of nothing to do. But when you are asked to do something, hop to it.

Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open.

This not only applies to taking suggestions from more experienced extras on the set, vut it also applies to finding work. Films and TV shows are filmed all over the nation and when an outdoor scene is shot then locals can find work as an acting extra. The ads for these jobs can be seen in the local press and though they are at the bottom of the pay scale, they could be the beginning of something bigger or just a good experience for you.